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Hi! My name is Hai Truong. I am the owner and founder of Asian Excursion Tour. I have worked as the tour guide for many different types of trips such as the classic, eco-tour, trekking, historical and MICE throughout Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia since 2005. And I am so lucky to meet and work with lots of tourists coming from The U.S, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia… And Asian Excursion Tour is a plan that I had been brewing for a long time. I have traveled to many countries around the world and I recognized that Viet Nam is a very potential country for tourism. So, I want to set up Asian Excursion Tour with the purpose bringing more new experiences to all tourists. Coming to Asian Excursion Tour, you will have opportunities to enjoy our great culinary, beautiful landscapes, to meet our hospitality people, to understand our long history.

We hope to see you on our tours soon.


Hai Truong

Privacy Policy

Asian Excursion Tour rigorously respects your privacy. We are committed to protecting your privacy on our Website. The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform you about which information may be collected when you visit the site, and how this information is used by us, how that information can be shared with others and how you can modify, update, correct or delete such information.

You email address or any information you provide will be used for correspondence regarding your holiday or trip alone. Asian Excursion Tour do not rent, trade or sell personal information you provide to us under any cirsumstances. We do not sell individual customer names or other personal information to the third parties, nor do we intend in the future.

Apart from complying with the requirements of the law and immigration agencies under Vietnamese law and international law, and information necessary for subcontractors to fulfill their responsibilities, nothing that says we will never be disclosed or made available to third parties without your express permission.

If you have comments or complaints about the privacy policy of Asian Excursion Tour, please contact us at the following email. Asian Excursion Tour will make effort to resolve any complaints or to clarify these Terms of Service.

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Phone: +84 (0) 9722 44 018


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